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Nanjing Handson Co., Ltd.

Manufactures entry-level lighting products for commercial and industrial applications

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    Handson Technology Park, Jiangning Science Park, 777 Kening Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
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Company Profile
Nanjing Handson Co., Ltd. is a long-established company that started as an LED display manufacturer in 1999. The company kicked off its lighting business in 2003 with the launch of its COB LED packaging lines and has grown in product offerings ever since. From LED packages and LED bulbs to LED light fixtures, Handson's LED lighting portfolio evolves with the ever-changing market needs and its fast-expanding capabilities across the lighting value chain– including light modules, power supplies, thermal management and luminaire assemblies. With ever increasing demand for energy efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions, Handson is constantly striving to improve its manufacturing infrastructure to offer more cost-and-time saving OEM/ODM service bundles.

Handson focuses on entry-level lighting products for commercial and industrial applications. The company's core competencies root in its manufacturing strength, and less emphasis is placed on product and design innovation, which is typical of an OEM lighting manufacturer. The most-produced LED luminaires in Handson's  collection of 600+ products include LED downlights, LED track lights, LED troffers, LED panel lights, LED tubes, LED bulbs, LED explosion proof lights, LED gas station lights, and LED light engines. The value of these low-end products largely depends on manufacturers' cost control through process optimization, vertical integration and economies of scale. Handson has this potential.

With a 88,000 square meter manufacturing space spread over 120,000 square meter land area, Handson's manufacturing facilities are world-class in terms of scale. With fully equipped production lines and testing facilities, Handson's operating capacity is adequate enough to grow with customers. Handson's R&D and engineering team is full-staffed to deliver continuous product and process improvement. The company is operated to a suite of international standards that include ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
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